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Seedlings of success

Weathersfield seedlings

It’s the time of year when plants grow like crazy as soon as they’re put in the ground. And, in Hamilton we’re lucky to have a source of great quality seedlings at the Hamilton Farmers’ Market.

Mark and Nikita from Weathersfield Organics are selling their locally grown vegetable and herb seedlings regularly at the Sunday markets.

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Jersey Girls: Cream of the crop

jersey cow

My article about Jersey Girls is in the current issue of OrganicNZ magazine. In a country full of huge dairy farms, it’s wonderful to be able to drink milk from this small family farm near Matamata.

Every Sunday I bring home a couple of bottles of Jersey Girls milk from the farmers’ market. This is milk like it’s supposed to taste – full cream, un-homogenised and fully certified organic.

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Seaweed: On beyond sushi

kelp on seashore

I started thinking about this article when we were on holiday at Matangi. There was beautiful fresh seaweed washed up on the beach. I collected some and made it into a Scandinavian-style smorgasbord salad. (See later in this post for the recipe.)

I love sushi, but I’m interested in finding what else I can do with seaweed in the kitchen.

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Buckwheat breakfast

Buckwheat porridge

My favourite winter breakfast is hot buckwheat porridge. With a spoonful of home-made Caspian Sea yoghurt, a dash of Sweetree honey and a sprinkle of Trade Aid cinnamon, it’s warming and sustaining. For the purposes of the Waikato Foodbasket, the locally produced parts of this breakfast are the honey and the yoghurt, which I made with Jersey Girls milk.

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