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Jersey Girls: legends in the milking

When I first moved to Hamilton I wondered why the Waikato – the land of dairy farms – didn’t have its own iconic milk brand. Now it does, and it’s called Jersey Girls.

Most Sundays I bring home a couple of bottles of wonderful Jersey Girls milk from the farmers’ market. This is milk like it’s supposed to taste. It's creamy, un-homogenised and certified organic.

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Winter fruit

When you eat locally, you become very aware of what’s in season. Right now, in mid-September, there isn’t much fruit at the farmers’ market.  There’s a new stall selling excellently ripe oranges grown at Ohinewai. There are plenty of lemons, and there are apples that have been in a coolstore – i.e. they were picked a few months ago. We’re near the end of winter. Even in the glorious Waikato it’s unreasonable to expect a bounty of fresh fruit at this time of year.

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Duck egg omelettes

The top favourite breakfast in my household is duck eggs.

We’re lucky to get them from Ian, who has a property down Matangi Road, not far from where we live. Ian has a small flock of Buff Orpington ducks - free-range, of course.  When he has spare eggs to sell, he emails me. 

Duck eggs are so much more substantial than chicken eggs.

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A new home for the market

hamilton farmers market

The Hamilton Farmers’ Market has recently moved to its new permanent home in Claudelands Park. The stallholders say they’re happy to be in a covered building. There are stalls outside as well, but it will definitely give the market more options in bad weather. 

Market chairman Jono Walker has had his eye on this site for several years, and he’s really pleased to have finally secured it for the market.

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This is a blog about showcasing the delicious abundance of the Waikato region. Such wonderful food deserves celebration and appreciation.



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