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What to do with daikon


A huge daikon radish arrived in the Ooooby box last week. It was over 1kg, with a crown of beautiful fresh green leaves. I have learned to love daikon, but some people have said to me that they’re not sure what to do with it. So, this is a post about what to do with daikon.

Otherwise known as white radish, Raphanus sativus, daikon is a monster member of the radish family.

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Local sweetness


One of the biggest practical challenges when eating locally produced food is sugar. It’s an everyday food ingredient that is not grown in the Waikato.

This became an issue when I was preserving this summer’s fruit harvest. All my favourite chutney recipes call for large amounts of sugar. So do jams and jellies, marmalade, and bottled fruit. Even my homemade apple cider vinegar recipe has sugar in it.

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Organic kiwis in season

kiwifruit salad

I’m delighted to report that we can now buy locally grown kiwifruit at Hamilton Farmers’ Market. And it gets even better – it’s superb, certified organic green and gold kiwifruit, at a very good price. This is kiwifruit as it's meant to taste. Try it and you'll see what I mean.

Peter and Dyan Downard, who are local organic sector veterans, are at the farmers’ market “until the kiwifruit is finished”.

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Autumn kitchen


The kitchen is full of autumnal produce. In the vege box there are plenty of pumpkins. Also beets, bok choi, feijoas, apples, nashi, and persimmons. Great potatoes, but this year’s kumara harvest is just about finished. A few sun-ripened outdoor tomatoes, eggplants and peppers are still available.

When you eat local, you get used to eating with the seasons.

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This is a blog about showcasing the delicious abundance of the Waikato region. Such wonderful food deserves celebration and appreciation.



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