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Eat your weeds

I have to admit that my garden contains more than a few weeds. I don’t like using poisonous sprays, and I’m always looking for better ways to manage all these uninvited plants.

So when I heard that edible weed expert Julia Sich was running a workshop in my neighbourhood, I jumped at the chance to find out more about what I could be doing with weeds.

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In season: watercress

watercress salad

Fresh at the farmers’ market this weekend: wonderful, peppery wild watercress from the Roto-o-rangi free-range eggs stall. And there was also some in the Ooooby box, so we’ve had two watercress salads this week. Watercress is a cousin of garden cress, mustard and rocket (not surprising because it tastes a bit like cress or rocket). It belongs to the Brassica family, and its Latin name is Nasturtium officinale, but it isn’t closely related to garden nasturtiums.

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Keeping kombucha


Kombucha is turning up all over the place these days. There are bottles of kombucha in the drinks chiller of the Hamilton East Binn Inn. (All the way from the United States!) But it’s easy to make it at home. And if you’re brewing it yourself, it counts as local food. 

If you’re new to kombucha, it’s a sour-sweet fermented beverage that is packed full of probiotics, micro-organisms that are essential for human health. 

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Remembering the leeks


Leeks are a low-profile cousin of onions and garlic. It’s easy to dismiss them, but they are easy to grow at home, and they go really well in all kinds of slow food. Leeks have a sweet, oniony flavour - an “x-factor” that gives depth to many classic recipes. 

My fondness for leeks is in some ways cultural. They’re one of the national symbols of Wales (but I reckon the red dragon looks better on the flag). Both my dad’s parents were born in Wales.

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