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Gardening with garlic


This time of year, many of my friends are planting garlic. I’d love to be planting garlic myself, but right now I’m stuck with a fractured foot and can’t garden. So, I’m writing about it instead.

Growing garlic is incredibly satisfying. You (usually) get a great return for relatively little effort. If you do it right, every single clove grows into a fat bulb! 

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Persimmons: for people or birds?


There are bare-branched persimmon trees with clusters of beautiful orange tomato-shaped fruit, dotted around my neighbourhood. 

Persimmons aren't just beautiful, they're delicious too (I like them, anyway). There are two main kinds of edible persimmons, astringent and non-astringent. I wish there was a better way of describing the difference, because both kinds are actually somewhat astringent - i.e. they make your tongue feel a bit dry. 

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Fresh winter greens at Hamilton Farmers' Market

winter greens

We came home from yesterday’s Hamilton Farmers’ Market with the most wonderful haul of fresh winter greens. There’s a new stall selling some terrific green vegetables. This weekend they were selling a couple of Asian style greens, my favourite daikon radish and some marrows. And then they brought out crates brimming with red and green cabbages, cavolo nero, broccoli and silverbeet.

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Feijoa fortnight: Green eggs


This week there are feijoas everywhere in our neighbourhood. Green eggs start dropping off trees around Easter time. For a fortnight – maybe a bit longer – there is an amazing abundance of feijoas. We currently have four buckets full at the back door. 

I love feijoas for their almost-tropical aroma and sweet-sour zing. 

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This is a blog about showcasing the delicious abundance of the Waikato region. Such wonderful food deserves celebration and appreciation.



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