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The Farm Shop at Gordonton

If you live at the north end of Hamilton, The Farm Shop is a great place to buy local food. It’s in Gordonton Village, just along from the Firepot Cafe. The Farm Shop at Gordonton has a great range of Waikato food

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Silverbeet and oyster mushrooms

It was a blustery kind of Sunday, coming up to the spring equinox. We rolled up to the farmers’ market at 11am, dodging the rain. Lennart Prinz had bags of his fabulous oyster mushrooms and huge paper bags of silverbeet.

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Pure gold: New Zealand grapefruit


At this time of the year, we have a glorious grapefruit bonanza (or glut). This is exciting, because we ran out of marmalade at Easter, despite making huge quantities last year. My husband Matthew spent his holiday boiling up marmalade (don’t worry, he enjoys it).

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CAFE AT MONAVALE: Blueberry tarts forever

On a beautiful day, just ahead of spring, a friend and I went to check out Café Irresistiblue at Monavale Blueberries. We sat in the sun on the verandah, enjoying the stunning views across the blueberry orchards to the mountains Kakepuku and Pirongia. We drank blueberry leaf tea (caffeine free and a cute shade of pink), with delicious organic blueberry tarts featuring a perfectly buttery, crumbly pastry. On the caffeine front, my excellent latte was all-organic, including the milk.

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This is a blog about showcasing the delicious abundance of the Waikato region. Such wonderful food deserves celebration and appreciation.



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