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Superb savoy cabbages

vege basket

Last Sunday the rain was pouring down, but we still needed to eat, so we ventured out to the farmers’ market. And it was completely worth the effort. The Catos (who also grow potatoes, which are out of season) had a big tray of the sweetest, crunchiest savoy cabbages I have ever eaten.

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Local fruit in all seasons

winter apples

Fruit grows all year round in the Waikato. All kinds of fruit. Well, okay, we don’t have the climate for tropical varieties, like mangoes or pineapples (although some clever people are growing bananas). But just about anything else: berries, peaches, apples, citrus, plums and more.

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Celtic cuisine: Deliciously retro baking

Meg with house cow

Meg Daly’s Celtic baking is one of my favourite reasons to go to the Hamilton Farmers’ Market on Sundays. In my house we’re huge fans of her Scottish oatcakes, and we’re sadly disappointed when they sell out (though this gives you some idea of Meg’s popularity).

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Soggy Bottom: where the bacon begins

tamworth pigs

On a sunny Sunday afternoon in midwinter I went to find out where my bacon comes from. I joined up with 25 members of the Treecrops Association to visit Soggy Bottom, the small farm where Jonathan and Sarah Walker raise free-range rare breed pigs, cows and chickens and make the most delicious bacon, sausages and other carnivorous delights for the Waikato Farmers’ Markets.

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This is a blog about showcasing the delicious abundance of the Waikato region. Such wonderful food deserves celebration and appreciation.



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