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Happy hot cross bun day

Celtic Kitchen hot cross buns

There are very few sacred foods in my British-Anglican backstory, and one is hot cross buns.

In the Waikato we’re lucky to have two makers of superb hot cross buns: Celtic Kitchen and Volare. Dorothy, my proper English grandmother, would have approved of both.

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A taste for honeygar

Cox's orange pippin apples

My latest favourite home-made beverage is honeygar.  It’s simply my home-made apple cider vinegar, combined with Sweetree Kirikiriroa raw honey and diluted in a glass of water. If you’ve never tried it, you’re in for a treat.

I think honeygar is the next kombucha.

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Fruits of autumn

Nash and eggplant

Late autumn is the time to make my favourite fruit salad, with crisp juicy nashi from Grant and Heather Kane at the farmers’ market. (This is what strawberry growers do when the berries are finished!) 

Nashi is a brief seasonal crop – there’s only a couple more weeks to go.

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Golden grapefruit


I started today with freshly squeezed, wonderfully ripe grapefruit juice courtesy of our vintage grapefruit tree. I love the sweet-sour-bitter flavour.

This year, in late February the tree still has a few fruit on it. That’s even after several batches of marmalade.

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This is a blog about showcasing the delicious abundance of the Waikato region. Such wonderful food deserves celebration and appreciation.



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